Burnley College defibrillators helping to keep learners, staff, visitors and community safe


Burnley College is helping to keep its learners, staff, visitors and the wider community of Burnley safe by boosting the number of life-saving defibrillators it has on site – and positioning several of them externally to ensure they are accessible to even more people in the event of an emergency.

The defibrillators are specially designed so anyone – with no prior medical knowledge – can operate them with the support of someone at the end of a 999 phone call – and could potentially save someone’s life.

The hi-tech machines automatically adjust to provide exactly the right treatment – a concentrated electric shock delivered to the chest – to restore a regular heartbeat following a heart attack.

Michelle Blakey, Health and Safety Co-ordinator at Burnley College, says work is always ongoing to make the £115 million Campus even more safe and secure:

“We’re constantly assessing our health and safety policies and practices to ensure we excel and do our utmost to keep everyone on Campus safe. We have recently increased our number of on site defibrillators to five and made the decision to place three of them externally, where they can be accessed easily by the public, to help save lives.”

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